My Story

Tyler Joshua King, was born in sunny San Diego, California. There he spent most of his childhood, Knee boarding (boogie boarding), and enjoying the warm weather. As a boy, he would create elaborate stories, which he would tell his friends of the same age. Capturing their attention with hearsay of alien invasions, and causing much ruckus around the neighborhood when they would return home; convinced aliens where surely on their way.

As Tyler grew past the age of 12, his mother received a job, causing them to move to Washington State. This would be the first of many trips over the course of his life. Tyler used the medium of storytelling to cope with the changes in environment, writing many unpublished screen plays and movies. Stories that someday, maybe remade and published again.

In fact, the inspiration for Whitefeather: the Birth of Magic, came to him at the age of 13. Although he would not be able to write the epic, until later in his life.

As Tyler entered middle school, he started taking martial arts learning Jungyae moosul and Ken-jutsu. This created an interest in the east which would lead him down a path towards Buddhism, which he still practices.

In High school, Tyler would begin learning guitar, as well as, painting, sketching, drawing, and other artistic mediums; he uses to this day, to create additional art to support the novels he writes. Also, in his teen years, he entered a few statewide short story competitions; placing in both first and second place, respectively. The short story that scored first, was about a young man in feudal Japan being scorned by his lover.

After high school ended, Tyler joined the U.S. Navy, learning cryptology. This was a formative time in his life and would shape his outlook later down the road. The Navy taught him, core values: Honor, Courage, and Commitment; these values can be seen in the heroes of his novels.


After Tyler was discharged from the Navy, he spend some time in Washington again, before beginning a world tour, which continues to this day. Having been to 28 countries, in Europe, Asia, and Africa. He felt he had enough experience to finally start putting words on paper. The cultures and customs of many peoples, can be seen in the colorful worlds Tyler creates in his novels.

Tyler started writing, Whitefeather, in Italy and continued in China and Vietnam, finally finishing it in Canada. This was the culmination of a lifelong love affair with storytelling. Currently, you can find the Author, traveling and working on the rest of Whitefeather. With more fantasy and Sci-fi books in the future. We can expect to see a large volume of work, in the coming years.